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Filling the Glass of Hospitality, One Memorable Experience at a Time

Updated: Jan 17

Jade Bar & Lounge at the Sanctuary Resort and Spa, Camelback Mountain Paradise Valley, AZ

Embarking on an architectural odyssey in the Hospitality market space requires top tier design professionals able to navigate the numerous intricate intersections in design, construction, real estate development, facility management, and hospitality service.

Architects at the forefront of hospitality design, construction, and real estate development, are skilled in transforming ideas into structures that set the stage for the hospitality industry to deliver meaningful and memorable experiences to their guests.

With each project, they strive to fill the glass of hospitality, balancing global procurement and constructability challenges. Creating spaces with furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) that are resilient, durable, and functional while providing guest experiences that not only serve the practical but deliver a memorable sense of comfort and joy. Architects use their creativity, technical expertise, and attention to detail to shape the world we live in, from designing awe-inspiring skyscrapers to sustainable housing solutions.

Their contributions, however, extend beyond the structures they design and build. Architects also serve as educators and mentors, passing on their knowledge and nurturing the next generation of creative design professionals. They share their knowledge, filling the design learning glass by inspiring students to think critically and creatively about the built environment. Their teachings lay the groundwork for a future in which architecture evolves and contributes to the cultural and societal growth of the people and places in which their works reside. One of the notable architects and educators in the field of hospitality design and real estate development is R. Nicholas Loope, FAIA.

His architectural journey has been analogous to a glass overflowing with the essence of hospitality design, real estate development, and design education. Loope's interest in architecture began at an early age while working with his father who was a carpenter and the director of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America apprenticeship program in Washington, D.C. His quest for hospitality design excellence began in 1971 when he won the Reynolds Aluminum Prize for design excellence with his proposal for a remote located winter resort complex. He then earned his 5-year Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Maryland. This was followed by a transformative chapter at Yale University, where he earned a master’s degree in environmental design.

Recognizing the vital role of business acumen in shaping the architectural landscape, Loope took a new path in 1981, completing the prestigious Harvard Business School PMD (Program for Management Development). This immersive experience provided him with invaluable knowledge in business administration, management, and operations, allowing him to see architectural projects and architectural practice in a broader context, elevating Loope’s hospitality design offerings and his client’s business aspirations.

Loope embarked on an ongoing educational journey fueled by his unwavering commitment to the architectural field. He took advantage of every opportunity to broaden his knowledge base, from seminars at the Harvard Graduate School of Design to participation in the Urban Legend Institute (ULI) symposium and the National Association for Industrial and Office Parks (NAIOP) seminars. He also attended Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) seminars, the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) Practice Design seminar series at St. Johns College, and American Institute of Architects (AIA) conferences and forums. Furthermore, from 2010 to 2017, Loope actively participated in DPIC (Design Professionals Insurance Company) seminars and educational programs.

Loope has a distinguished career in architecture, real estate development and education spanning five decades. His journey began in 1976 when he was appointed Vice President and General Manager of Solector Corporation, a renowned solar energy equipment manufacturer and subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company. Later as President of Highland Products Corporation in 1985, Loope successfully led its turnaround while developing and launching a significant product expansion, demonstrating his leadership abilities.

Spa reception at the Sanctuary Resort and Spa, Camelback Mountain Paradise Valley, AZ

Loope was named President and Principal Architect at Taliesin Architects in 1989, the continuation of the practice of Architecture founded by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1893. He was vital in obtaining NAAB accreditation for the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and actively contributed to the preservation of Taliesin's historic campuses in Wisconsin and Arizona during his tenure. Notably, he led the effort to complete several significant unbuilt Frank Lloyd Wright projects, including the Monona Terrace in Wisconsin, the Nakoma Clubhouse in California, and the Lykes House restoration in Arizona.

Loope poured his knowledge and expertise into the glasses of hospitality design and design education throughout his career. His efforts have enriched his clients’ projects and his students’ lives. His pursuit of continuous learning demonstrates his commitment to elevating the future of hospitality design and design education.

In 2002, Loope established HL Design Build, LLC, a regional design-build, and real estate consultation firm specializing in custom homes, boutique hotels, and historic preservation projects. Collaborating with his wife, Lynne Beyer, known for her sophisticated and timeless interior designs, they launched in 2021, the STUDIO @ Westmoreland Farm, a multi-disciplinary design firm specializing in historic preservation, restoration and procurement services for the most discerning clients and their bespoke projects.

An architect's journey is an ever-changing adventure fueled by creativity, learning, and a deep commitment to the pursuit of excellence. Their designs transform ordinary spaces into immersive experiences by balancing functionality and aesthetics in meaningful and memorable ways. Architects like Loope strengthen the hospitality sector by keeping an eye on the ROI while applying their design skill creating a distinctive signature and client experience for each project. As educators, they willingly pass on their knowledge to future generations, inspiring them to shape the world for a better and prosperous future.

"Real Estate, a crop that can be harvested every month."

- Samuel J. LeFrak

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