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Updated: Mar 18

When leading Architects and Interior Designers undertake historic renovation, remediation, and reclamation projects they address more than sticks and bricks. Their design efforts also embrace and celebrate the people and the places that the sticks and bricks have severed.

A hidden historic gem, Westmoreland Farm, located in Lake Forest, Illinois. Designed by Architect James Gamble Rogers, built in 1902, as a gentleman’s farm for A B Dick and his family.


Only a few of the buildings that comprised Westmoreland Farm remain. Those properties were assembled and purchased in December of 2021 and February of 2022 by R. Nicholas Loope, FAIA, and Lynne Beyer, a well-known, and celebrated, husband and wife design team from Arizona. Lynne is a legacy Interior Designer originally from Wisconsin. Ryc is an Architect and licensed General Contractor. Their highly acclaimed works focus on private residences, boutique hotels and bespoke furniture designs. Both Ryc and Lynne are committed to advancing an American design ethos and to the restoration and preservation of classical American design and craft. The opportunity to reclaim the grandeur of Westmoreland Farm together with Lake Forest’s tradition of stewardship were the determining factors in locating their home and new design studio within this historic property in Lake Forest.    

During the restoration efforts, Lynne had the creative vision to both chronicle and memorialize the rich history of Westmoreland Farm by having a mural of the estate’s major buildings integrated into the stairwell wall of the Caretaker’s cottage, visible to all who enter. Lynne partnered with renowned artist Cindy Simes of the Simes Studio in Chicago conceiving an eloquent, unexpected way to celebrate history. Together they brought forth History as Art.


Scaled concept sketch

Lynne Beyer in front of completed mural

The A B Dick estate, Westmoreland Farm located in Lake Forest, Illinois, built in 1902, designed by Architect James Gamble Rogers, it is named after Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania where A B Dick and his wife Mary met and wed in 1892.  Tree lined lanes and sweeping lawns embrace four classically assembled structures in the French Renaissance Revival style. The Coachman’s cottage, Caretaker’s cottage, Carriage barn and Potting shed are an American tapestry of historic presence and provenance. Each structure is artfully joined to the landscape by blue stone and brick walkways winding through lush and varied gardens. The 4,000 sqft loft tucked within the majestic Carriage barn is the new creative center of the STUDIO @ Westmoreland Farm.


Installing the mural’s canvas panels

Installing the mural’s canvas panels

Lynne and Ryc’s aspirations and prayers for the STUDIO @ Westmoreland Farm are to lovingly reside and work within its buildings and grounds, reinvigorate its presence as a vibrant part of Lake Forest and in doing so contribute to the region’s historic fabric and story. As they are prone to say, “the STUDIO @ Westmoreland Farm is not only our home but also, a place of inspiration, creativity, growth and giving back”. We are pleased to offer this unique property for select charitable endeavors.


549 North King Muir Road Lake Forest, IL 60045

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