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2023 Lake Forest, Illinois | Show House & Gardens

Updated: Jan 17

The 2023 Lake Forest Show House delivered a canvas of architectural and interior design brilliance, where each space unfolded a narrative of creativity and sophistication. Among its standout gems, the Powder Room envisioned by Lynne Beyer, the Principal Interior Designer from the STUDIO @ Westmoreland Farm™, instantly became the most enchanting enclave, marrying elegance with modern flair.

Abutting the grand entry foyer of the 2023 show house, this intimate space transformed a dark, worn, and embarrassing powder room into a visual symphony of color, texture, and light. Inspired by a fusion of classic opulence and contemporary finesse, the STUDIO @ Westmoreland Farm™ curated a design spectacle that resonated with both classical and modern tastes.



Upon entering, guests are greeted by a seamless interplay of materials, textures, and hues. The walls, painted with Benjamin Moore Conch Shell 052, crowned with a Tres Jolie silver and gold leaf ceiling embracing a captivating chandelier mid room transported visitors to an ethereal realm where form and function coalesced. As a punctuation point a beautifully hand crafted round eglomise mirror hung above the modernist architect Warren Platner’s mid-century modern pedestal sink escorted by his wall sconces. Every detail in the space became a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and design, echoing the rich heritage of the Lake Forest area while infusing the room with a touch of whimsy.

Light played the pivotal role in accentuating the room’s allure. A cascading translucent drapery artfully tied back and puddling onto the new marble floor reminiscent of a great dame’s ball gown. Natural light filtered through the folds of sheer drapery, casting an ambient glow, and creating a dance of shadows that added depth and warmth to the room's intimate embrace.



Every detail, from the delicately positioned drapery folds to the slatted back drop adorned with a custom eglomise mirror, bespoke of a harmonious fusion between the old and the new. Interior Designer Lynne Beyer is well known for her elegant and timeless interior designs, often incorporating a blend of classic and modern elements, and this room did not disappoint.

The STUDIO @ Westmoreland Farm™ ingeniously curated a space where function and form became one. Despite the room's compact size, a strategic architectural design of telescoping the vanity niche optimized the available space and provided an illusion of depth and opulence.

This powder room transcended its utilitarian purpose to become a captivating sanctuary—an ode to the marriage of heritage and innovation. Visitors marveled not only at its visual splendor but also at the seamless integration of diverse design elements that wove a story of timeless sophistication.

In essence, the STUDIO @ Westmoreland Farm™ Powder Room for the 2023 Lake Forest Show House was a superior offering of architectural and interior design ingenuity. It stands as a testament to the artistry and vision of its creators, leaving an indelible impression on all who had the privilege of experiencing its splendor.

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1 Comment

Kamil Kapica
Kamil Kapica
Jan 24

Small space, big effect! Favorite room in the showhouse!

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