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Villa Luna

This architectural masterpiece on Camelback Mountain is a 6500 square foot, four bedroom home with media room and several lounge areas. The client’s directive was to make the residence accommodate not only their personal usage, but also as the premiere home for the Sanctuary Resort’s private residence rental program.


All furnishings and décor were designed to withstand hospitality usage, while maintaining a residential profile.

“It was a wonderful experience working with Lynne because she is a first rate experienced professional, that fully understands her clients vision at every step of the collaboration. Working with her offered the benefit of a one stop shop for all aspects of the project. In addition to interior design, which she executed masterfully, she involved people who handled everything from architectural changes, HVAC and lighting, to consigning and repurposing furniture. We needed some we could trust to manage all issues because we lived in another state and could not be on site during the renovation. We highly recommend Lynne Beyer for all interior design needs both indoor and outdoor, whether the project is large or small. She truly takes her clients vision and takes it beyond what they can imagine.”

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