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Improve Your Home with a Professional Design Team

Updated: Jan 17

Are you thinking of remodeling or adding on to your existing home? Has your home business outgrown your kitchen table? Maybe you need to expand your home for an elderly relative who can’t navigate the stairs of your center-hall colonial. The fact is, your life need change, but your house does not, at least not on their own. If you want to stay in your home as your life progresses, you will need to consider remodeling and or maybe a new addition. If so, you will need an experienced and capable professional design team lead by an Architect and Interior Designer, like the STUDO @ Westmoreland Farm™ in Lake Forest, Illinois,

A professional design team is generally more expensive to hire but they will bring to your project a broader set of skills and creative talents that will result in both an exceptional project and an exceptional experience. Your remodeling journey will greatly benefit from the additional work your professional design team puts into coordinating everyone involved in your project, as well as their unique skills and knowledge related to local regulatory constraints, building codes, changing technology, materials, furnishings, fixtures, fittings, and an ever-challenging construction process.

Eight reasons to hire a professional design team?

  • A professional team are licensed design professionals with the education, training, experience, and vision needed to successfully guide you through the entire design, permitting and construction process.

  • A professional design team will help you define what you want to build, establishing a reliable schedule and budget, in short getting the most for your construction dollar.

  • A professional design team will design for your needs and lifestyle, they are securing your investment by addressing environmental, safety and historic preservation issues.

  • A professional design team sees the big picture and will produce a more detailed design based reflecting your needs and evolving lifestyle.

  • A professional design team will handle the paperwork and submissions required by your local zoning regulations, building codes, and building permit applications and reviews.

  • A professional design team will oversee the general contractor, subcontractors and suppliers’ progress making sure their work meets your project’s design intentions.

  • A professional design team will ensure a high-quality design and construction experience for you.

  • Have fun being the focus of your design team’s efforts!

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